About Cranberry Township

  1. Community History

    Cranberry Township was founded in 1804 and named for the native wild cranberries growing along Brush Creek. The Cranberry Historical Society published a history of the Township in 1989.

  2. Community & Government Links

    Useful links to community organizations, county agencies, elected officials and more.

  3. Economy

    Cranberry enjoys a balanced economy. In addition to being a regional retail center with an easy commute from Pittsburgh, the heart of Cranberry’s local economy is its growing family of corporate, industrial and research organizations.

  4. Education

    Early learning. Public Schools. Higher education.

  5. Find a Facility

    Cranberry Township location and facilities search

  6. Location and Maps of Cranberry

    Directions. Dimensions. Maps.

  7. New Resident Information

    Resources and links to help you get settled in your new community.

  8. Non Profit and Civic Organizations

  9. Population

    Census data and statistics and a demographic profile of the community.

  10. Public Safety

    Police Fire Company Ambulance EMS

  11. Township Government

    The Board of Supervisors is elected to oversee the general governance of the Township, and to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the community.

  12. Website reading support

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