Classes and Clinics

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Our classes and clinics are led by certified CTPA instructors

Cranberry Township has two Pickleball courts located in the Municipal Building, in addition to the courts in Graham Park. Starting in January 2018, we will have 3 courts.

We will list CTPA approved instructors available for private lessons. We encourage members to utilize CTPA and this web site for all private lessons. Cranberry Township/CTPA does not allow for independent instructors to give pickleball lessons during CTPA or Public Play hours on our courts.

To become a certified CTPA instructor, please email:
  • Beginners PB-1 Class
  • Beginners PB-2 Class
  • PB-3 Tactics and Strategies

Quick Start Clinics
  • Fast-Track Beginners Pickleball Clinic
Kids Clinics
  • Pickleball Camp, Grades 2-6
  • Pickleball Camp, Grades 5-8
  • Pickleball Camp, Grades 9-12