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  1. About Cranberry

    Cranberry includes just over 23 square miles and a population of more than 28,000 – up from less than 15,000 in 1990. One reason for the rapid growth is its prime location. Situated at the intersection of two major Interstate highways, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the region. Travel time between Cranberry and downtown Pittsburgh is less than half an hour.

  2. Business Directory

    Detailed list of Cranberry Township-based businesses

  3. Business Parks

    Learn more about business, office and industrial parks in, and near Cranberry Township.

  4. The Cranberry Market

    Cranberry is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state with a 19% increase in population between 2000 and 2010. Given its attractiveness for both residential and commercial development, its growth is expected to continue at a similar pace. Cranberry first completed a market analysis as part of its comprehensive plan update as a tool to guide decision-making in developing the Cranberry Plan, the Township’s 25-year community plan.

  5. The Cranberry Plan

    Read the Cranberry Plan.

  6. Made in Cranberry

    Featuring Cranberry-based businesses, their products and services.

  7. Taxes

    Cranberry’s government operations are financed by a combination of user fees and taxes on real estate, business revenues, individual earned income, property transactions, and local employment. The Township uses both contractors and elected tax collectors to collect recurring tax payments. Butler County’s Recorder of Deeds collects real estate transfer taxes at the time a property is sold. Real Estate Property Taxes are based on Butler County’s property assessment in 1969 dollars.