• Animal Ordinance – In Cranberry Township, all pet dogs and cats must remain under the control of their owners.
  • Dog owners may purchase their pet's annual license in the Cranberry Public Library.
  • Dog Park – Enjoy Cranberry’s 4-acre off-leash facility in Community Park.
  • Exotic Animals – Exotic wild pets require State Game Commission permits.
  • Farm Animals – Cranberry does not have regulations concerning horses or other farm livestock.
  • Animal pests – Contact an animal removal service for invasive pests, such as raccoons. Contact an animal removal service. Animal Services 412-795-9333 or 412-366-4225; Critter Control 724-775-5444;  Giger Pest Control 724-898-2244; or others listed in the Yellow Pages. The Pennsylvania Game Commission will not respond to these calls.
  • Bats - Contact Giger Pest Control, Animal Services, Critter Control (listed above). Important safety information concerning bats from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention.  Learning about bats and rabies
  • Lost a pet? Found a Pet? Lost Paws 724-503-4417 may be able to help

Dead Animals

  • Deer or Bear Dead deer or dead bear, found on Cranberry Township roadways, contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 717-787-4250.
  • Dead deer or bear found on Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) roadways within the Township, contact the PennDOT Hotline 1-800-349-7623.
  • Dogs

    found on State or Township roadways within Cranberry Township, contact the Police Department, 724-776-5180.
  • Other Domestic and Non-Domestic Animal On State or Township roadways within Cranberry Township, contact Customer Service at 724-776-4806, to submit a service request for removal.